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DanaSimone is a woman with a purpose on fire!

She is a mom, author, business owner, TV talk show host, travel agent, and a bank examiner for 24+ years.  DanaSimone is an inspiring woman to many and her main aspiration is to set your heart aflame with joy, strength, passion, wellness, empathy, peace, and love.  As a child growing up in Detroit, Michigan, she didn’t dream about fairy tales and unicorns, she stalked the playground on becoming a “female masterpiece.”

She discovered at the raw age of 18 that her leadership abilities, organization skills and time management acumen were probably not normal.  She’s focused, deliberate and relentless in her pursuit to empower women and young girls.  DanaSimone strongly believes that everyone should seek to discover self-love within their inner core, seek out their purpose in life and live that purpose with no excuses.  DanaSimone lives her life to learn, grow, build, AND to reach back.  Because “when you know better, you do better.”  And she dares you to do the same!

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