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written by Dana Simone Stovall

New Year’s Resolutions are for Wimps… Do It Now Boo!

In 2017, I will not…
In 2017, I will start…
In 2017, I will be…

What da’ hell is that all about?! I’ll tell you what it is. Resolutions are merely placeholders for another excuse. I’m sorry, but they are. One might say, logically, that resolutions are a good starting point for people to change something or do something better. I get that. So if you start the resolution on January 1 and then by March 31, you’ve failed at pursuing your mission, then what? Do you wait until next January 1 to start over?! Hmmmm….

Resolutions, like diets, are moving targets that you will endlessly negotiate because you know there’s another “January 1” or “start day” that you can chose. Many of you have said that you are starting your diet on next Monday. But if you’re serious about losing weight, then why didn’t you start the diet yesterday? I’m just saying out loud, what you and others are already thinking.

Real goals need real commitment, not negotiators; and real dreams need real dream catchers, not dream chasers. If you aren’t willing to put in the work right now, at this very moment, then you aren’t really ready. So just stop lying to yourself. Now, before you send me hate mail, curse me out, or “unfriend” me; just sit back, take a deep breath, and think about it for moment. Gurrrrrl, at some point, you will stop negotiating non-negotiables.

I am Dana Simone, and I’m talking you Off the Ledge, because keeping it real has no safety net.

— Dana Simone Stovall
Author, What’s In Your 24? How To Get It Done Without Getting Outdone
Talk Show Host, #DanaSimoneShow

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Secure Your Oxygen Mask First…

We’ve all heard those infamous words from the flight attendant, “…if you’re traveling with a child or next to someone that needs assistance, secure your mask first, then assist them.” As further defense for the selfish discussion I present in my book, the meaning behind this phrase is perfect reasoning to learning to become more selfish with your time and efforts as it relates to dealing with other people.

One of the reasons this statement is made is because if you try to assist someone else without proper oxygen, you pose more harm to yourself and run the risk of passing out. Hmm, look at it this way, if you aren’t happy or healthy (i.e. “oxygenated”), how in the heck do you expect to make someone else happy or take care of them in an ideal frame of mind?

Life is about taking care of you first, then everybody else is secondary. Remember that, the next time you decide to run an errand or cook for grown people instead of going to the gym or scheduling an overdue doctor’s appointment. When you know better, you do better.

Talking You Off The Ledge, because keeping it real has no safety net”

— Dana Simone Stovall
Author, What’s In Your 24? How To Get It Done Without Getting Outdone
Talk Show Host, #DanaSimoneShow

Upgrade Yourself to 2.0

When you look in the mirror, do you cry or smile? Hmmmm…

When Apple or Microsoft decides that the current hardware or software is tired, outdated, or doesn’t function at optimal performance, what do they do? THEY UPGRADE IT! Many women continue to tell me that they don’t like the person that they’ve become. They’ve lost their identity. They do everything for everybody else. And they simply don’t know who they are anymore. Almost sounds like an acute case of amnesia. What use to be a girl on fire is now a 1.0 woman with barely a flicker.

If you’ve caught a case of amnesia, why not UPGRADE yourself to 2.0. Ask yourself. When did sweatpants become my entire wardrobe? Where is my comb? Why is my makeup dried up? Why are my clothes too small? If any of these thoughts cross your mind regularly, then it’s time for you to UPGRADE yourself to 2.0 because the 1.0 you is no longer cute, sexy, empowered, or attractive. In other words, you’re not functioning at optimal performance.

I realize you may think you are too busy to make these changes, but it only takes one download and restart of your current thinking to make this happen. If you got time to exhaust yourself with everybody else’s life, then you owe it to yourself to expend a little of that on you. Now go ahead, Click DOWNLOAD & RESTART in your mind right now. And I dare you to AGREE to live by your new terms and conditions.

Talking You Off The Ledge, because keeping it real has no safety net”

— Dana Simone Stovall
Author, What’s In Your 24? How To Get It Done Without Getting Outdone
Talk Show Host, #DanaSimoneShow

What da’ Heck is Emotional Eating Anyway?!

Psychologists never cease to amaze me with their new creative diagnosis. They can come up with some good titles and labels for just about everything. For example, for a child that can’t seem to sit down or focus long enough to do anything. “They” might call it ADHD. What did “big momma” call it? You need your behind whipped. Or, a guy might think that she loves him one day, but the next day, he’s the devil. What might “they” call it? Bipolar. What do some of us call it? Mad & bitter woman syndrome.

Now granted, some of this medical research has some validity to it….somehow or another. But when I really think long and hard about it, medical consultations and copayments can be smoke and mirrors trying to conceal excuses and false labels. One label I’ve come to dislike is “emotional eating.”

Many of you that know me, know that I try to do a pretty good job of staying fit and keeping my sanity along the way. But there are days (many of them), like today, that I just want to eat all kinds of cake, candy, ice cream, and cookies with no strategic plan on how big the portions are or how many calories I’m consuming.

Do you have those days when you just don’t give a hoot and all you want to do is eat? Yup, me too and “they” call it emotional eating. I only lose my mind like that when I’m feeling down and out. People look at me like I have a third eye when I say that to them. Because for some strange reason, my life is suppose to be nearly perfect in the eyes of others. But let me honestly tell you that my life is far from perfect, and I struggle daily with health goals and objectives just like you. I also like to eat crap when those goals and objectives don’t seem to want to align themselves according to the world of Dana Simone.

Fortunately, something told me tonight that I am not an emotional eater and that I didn’t have the right to embrace that medical label for my on again, off again eating habits. I was faced with my sub conscience that blatantly told me that the term emotional eating, in my case, is merely an excuse to spontaneously plan a pity party and only invite guests like chocolate cake, superman ice cream, and Reese Cups.

Seriously?! Is that what it’s come down to? A pity party. Jeez! Let’s explore this a little and maybe even help each other out. I figure if we can back into when & why, we can tap into the root cause and maybe eliminate this behavior altogether.

So, tell me. What are those moments that weaken you to make poor food choices? Don’t leave me hanging on this subject. Or I might be forced to grab some bon bons…

Stay In Your Lane

music-note Driving on the freeway of love in a pink Cadillac… music-note

The nice thing about driving in the USA is that we have boundaries, signs, and signals to govern us. My favorite is the double white lines that divide the road, which means, do not cross/do not pass. In other words, stay in your own lane.

To me, “staying in your lane” is a philosophy to minimize stress. When people give us unsolicited advice (their unrequested opinion about what we should do or think), many of us try to accommodate their conversation by making excuses or trying to defend ourselves. Why in the world do we that?

Here’s my biggest situation whereby I have to tell people to stay in your lane. Everyone that knows me, know that I spend a great deal of time focusing on my health and fitness (HAF). However, what people don’t understand is why I spend so much time and energy doing it. I have taught myself to be extremely disciplined about my health and fitness because it’s a priority for me. Those of us that may be on again, off again with our HAF commitments seldom see real results because maybe we haven’t really decided that we want to be healthy and fit. It hasn’t become one of the most important things that we focus on every day. For me, health and fitness are integral parts of my being just like God, Destiny, family, FDIC, and my businesses. Every single day of my life includes those seven elements to some degree. Health and fitness isn’t a pastime or hobby for me, it’s another career.

Our weight, health, or exercise preferences should be an obsession. And we shouldn’t cheat, lie to ourselves, or make repetitive excuses to achieve meaningful results. If we put half the amount of energy in our HAF as we do excuses, happiness and self-confidence might visit us more often. Our happiness shouldn’t originate from others. It most definitely should start from within and what we think about ourselves.

Whatever your lane is, stay in it and stop trying to be a defensive driver concerned about someone else’s race. Just do you, focus on the finish line, and watch out for those blind spots.

What are your thoughts? Shout it out below…

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